Thursday, April 10, 2008

Special Announcement - Live Radio Show interviewing MrsClaudia this Saturday!

I know this is late notice but I am very excited to be announcing this. I was asked a few weeks ago to do a radio interview with EmpressAva on her Internet Radio show "Vox Erotic Radio". Vox Erotic Radio is live on an interactive social broadcasting site called talkshoe, and EmpressAva's direct link is here: The shows starts at 10:00 pm EST and I am scheduled to begin my interview at 10:30 PM. If there is enough time, my husband will also be interviewed with me

I am sure the show will be available through archives and I will place a link to the archive on my links list as soon as I know the address. I am honored that EmpressAva would want to have me on her show. If you can, tune in and listen. I am sure it will be unforgettable!!

I also have some other exciting news coming up. I will do a full post on it tomorrow but I am going to be teaching a Questions and Answers class at DomCon LA 2008 in May. I will do an entire post on the event and my participation in it. I just received confirmation this evening that I was accepted as a presenter. DomConLA 2008 is from May 7 - May 11th at the LAX Hilton. For more information on the convention, visit this link: DomConLA 2008.

Hope everyone is doing well!! I was going to post on spirituality and BDSM but I have been counseling a few couples on Cuckolding and I want to post a very important post on the realities of cuckolding. This is one of those activities that is like fire. If you do not handle it in the right way, and show it respect, you will get BURNED!!!!! More on that later though!!!

Good night, it's late!