Thursday, August 16, 2007

Does this stuff look familiar?? CBT Tape.

I went to a birthday party on Saturday and one of my fellow kinksters gave me something I have never seen before. It is like bondage tape but it is actually latex. The strip is about an inch wide and it works absolutely fabulous for CBT.

I posted some pics in my new favorite yahoo group I am also posting the pics on My username is MrsClaudia on their site if you want to check them out. I have some cool pics there that I can't post on this blog or my Yahoo 360 page.

I am already on the hunt for regular bondage tape to use on other body parts (wink). I did come across some wide bondage tape that would work perfect for my massage table. I will be getting some and I'll keep you updated on how it works out!

Just to be a little tease I took my darling's cock and balls, which were already swollen beyond belief, and I wrapped the latex tape around his entire shaft, only leaving his head exposed. Then I wrapped his balls tight and seperated them. Let me tell you it was swollen, aching and totally FUCKING HOT!

If you haven't joined the group yet, do so. There are some pretty interesting pics posted already. Here is the link again:

See you there............

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Friday night with a beautiful blond!!

First let me say that I do not drink wine and for good reason! When I am done telling you about my fun with a hot little blond fem-sub you will know why. There was a party being held at one of our friends homes who just moved into a new house. One of my favorite Masters was there, Master Len. I have tremendous admiration for this man. He has over 30 experience in BDSM and above all he is so much fun! Last Friday night at my friends house warming party he brought one of his hot little fem-subs. Before long she was naked and the center of attention. This position is usually reserved for my hubby, being the naked sub at the center of attention, but this night Master Len's sub beat him to it. She was about 5'5", 115#'s, 34DD and a 26" waist. She is blond with nice golden brown skin. She is delicious!!

I had just finished eating and was drinking Coke and whiskey which I am fine with. I think I was a man in a previous life because I can drink beer and whiskey with the best of them. Give me a glass of wine and I am on the floor drunk. So before I knew it, I was being offered this hot ass fem-sub to play a little game with. The instructions were simple, she was to not move no matter what, and I could do anything I wanted to try and get her to move. No problem. At first the rule was I wasn't allowed to touch her. Again, no problem, my words alone can do the job (just ask my little slut!!).

ML revised the rules and said I could touch her if I wanted. Even better! I had her bend over in front of me, she had her hands tied behind her back, and I pushed her face down into my darling subby's crotch. Now remember, I don't let him cum very often and I believe he hadn't cum in almost 8 days. I told her to blow and hum into his crotch and to not stop until I instructed. I proceeded to bit and lick her ass and grab her rope (she also had some between her legs) and pull in just the right spots. It didn't take long before she moved.

Once she moved that was it - time for a spanking. She laid across my lap with her head inches away from my feet and I proceeded to whack her ass over and over with my bare hand. Mistress Kali decided to get into the action and she came over and sat with her legs spread right in front of her face and spanked her right ass cheek as I spanked her left cheek. The next thing I knew the little slut sub bit Mistress Kali on her inner thigh. OMG - HUGE Mistake!! Mistress Kali whacked her so hard it immediately left a bruise and nice hand print. The little slut started begging for forgiveness immediately. That was enough of that for now.

Later on that night I decided to have a glass of wine - mistake #2. Out of nowhere that wine hit me and I was totally wasted. I had this hot little slut in front of me and I was teasing her and playing with her perfect tits. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a fellow male-sub staring and I took full advantage of that and teased and taunted him while he watched in total awe. Looking back I am completely pissed at myself for having that wine. This would have been a perfect situation to totally tease and torture my slut hubby. If I wasn't totally incapacitated I would have taken the fem-sub and my hubby and tied them together. Then I would have fucked with each one until they were begging for release, only to deny them both.

I have already decided that this little slut will be mine for a night again soon. Only next time, my darling will be forced to watch me do all kinds of dirty things to her. Maybe I'll wait for the Carrara belt to come in and lock him up and then fuck her while she is tied to him. Or better yet, I'll tie him to a chair positioned just at the end of the bed and then make his face be smothered in my ass while I lick her body from head to toe. I could go on and on. Yes, she will definitely be a nice little toy for me to play with. I'll keep you all updated on my next rendezvous with her.

Updates - Updates: What's been happening in my world!!

Well a lot has been happening in the past few weeks, when I wasn't sick that is. First let me start with the Kinky Karnival. This year in cash donations alone we raised over $5,000 and that doesn't count all the school supplies that were donated. I couldn't believe how many people were there, the turnout was exceptional. Now onto the good parts.

I did the kissing booth for 20 minutes. I was actually shocked, it seems I am a favorite among women, go figure?? I had the pleasure of playing kissy face with some of my fellow female kinksters. There were pics taken of this but I have yet to find the gentleman who took them. Once I find him I will have some delicious pics to share with everyone. There was one femsub in particular that I enjoyed. I will not share names but she knows who she is. Watch yourself my little slut, your ass looks like it needs some bitting (wink).

After making out with my femsub slut, I went into the jail to torment and tease her and my darling subby more. I didn't get the opportunity to be the marshall, but I did get a chance to play with some captives. First my femsub slut was tied to the wall face forward by her Master. Then I took some ice in my mouth and began to lick her just above her ass. My tongue was naturally very cold which she didn't expect. Then I grabbed her by her pigtails (she was a school girl slut that evening) and ran my hand down her back and between her legs. I thought she would melt just from me talking to her. Then I slid down her back and starting bitting and licking her ass. She was so much fun!!

Then my subby was arrested and tied to the wall in the jail. He was so cute, there were eyebolts hooked in the wall with rope hanging from them. I tied his hands and in about 2 seconds the eyebolt came loose. He offered to pretend to be secured to the wall but by then the moment was over. Before the eyebolt broke, a swiss army knife was attached to the leash hanging from his cock collar. Since it was public I was limited in what I could do to him, rats!!

I grabbed him by his cock leash and went to do the fashion show. I was wearing a nice leather strapless corset and a little mini leather skirt. I topped off the outfit with my diamond fishnet stockings and my "cock crusher pumps" which shows the arch of my foot very nicely.

Here is a little peak of my stockings and favorite shoes. Once the fashion show was over we sat down and began the auction. While the auction was going on I had my subby in front of me. It was a perfect picture moment and I had one of our very good friends snap a few pics.

I am just realizing that I have never posted pics of us where you could see our faces. I am not going to use a pic that shows my darling's face, but all the pics I have of that night have me in them. I guess I am not really worried about people seeing me. I am happier than I have ever been and I am proud of my lifestyle and my marriage. So here goes everyone...........................

Me with my darling subby where he belongs. This was the best picture from that night so I added a little mask to his face. I do have to say he is the hotest man I have ever known. Wouldn't you all agree??

So that was our evening. The last thing I will mention was the dildo toss. It ended up being the most popular event that evening. There were 5 different dildo's attached to a table of various sizes. Pretty much like horseshoes, you took a band of rings and tossed them over the dildo's. If you got your rings around the dildo's you won a chance to have your name drawn for Penn and Teller tickets at the MGM Grand. I am not sure of the exact figure this booth brought in but I know it was the most popular booth that night. Good job!!

Stay tuned for my next few posts. I had a very nice weekend following the Kinky Karnival where I got to have a little fun with a beautiful blond femsub. She was feisty, fun and beautiful. What more could you ask for??

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finally - I'm feeling much better!!!

Well I am finally feeling better (yeah!!). I have been sick on and off for the past few weeks but that is all done now (cross your fingers)!! I got some really good news today that could prove to be another sign of my future!!

Let me give a little bit of history!! For about 6 months, I had been teetering with the idea of starting a real life amatuerFemDom website that showed what life was like between a real FemDom couple. When the day came that I decided to create my site, I saw a friend I hadn't seen in about 8 years. His name is Master Len and he owns Fetish websites and produces real Fetish videos. It was literally the day I made the decision that I saw him at a surprise birthday party I attended. I had n0 idea that my friend made these kinds of movies or ran fetish websites. He generously offered to help me in any way he could and even offered to produce my first few videos so I could see how it is done. Talk about a sign!! You can learn more about Master Len here! (I recommend anything with Nicole)

Now, I have been contemplating learning more BDSM techniques lately and low and behold I got an email from a very good friend this morning letting me know she is moving back to Vegas (YEAH). Could this be another sign?? If any of you aren't familiar with Lady Ice Queen check out her sites. She's great!!!

Her Diary:
Her Yahoo Group:
Her My-Space Page
Her Website

As most of you know, I am very responsible when it comes to practicing BDSM. I feel very strongly about learning techniques from others and not just learning on my own. This will also help me to better my website through teaching videos for fellow budding FemDom's who don't have the luxury of joining local support groups. I will be creating a Couples educational site that will be free and funded by my FemDom site.

Life is so great when things come together naturally. I know from experience that when you go against your destiny (if you believe in that kind of stuff) life can become very chaotic and frustrating. For years I went against destiny and experienced misery. Not any more, life is finally flowing, finally!!!

I have had some fun over the past week or so that I haven't shared yet. Now that I am feeling better, I can articulate the fun and devilish things I have been up to lately. Stay tuned for my next few posts. It will be chocked full of blonds with nice big tits and subby's denied for two weeks and then only granted a smidgen of relief. I also have some pics from the Kinky Karnival I haven't shared yet. Wow, where to begin??

Stay tuned.........