Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stupid, pathetic, idiot MEN!!! I hope you don't have one of these!!

Why do some men think life is all about them? Why do they think that they are "owed" certain things because they supposedly "love their Wives"? Then they think their Wives are prudish or not interested in Ds? These guys are total fucking losers. No matter what, they will not find fulfilment or happiness because it is all about THEM!!! Well what about their Wives? Why shouldn't it be also about them?? If these loser husbands have the audacity to think that as long as they say "Hey honey, I love you and I have been around for 20 years" that should be enough they have another thing coming!! They say to them selves "Oh, come on baby, what is your problem. I want to pretend to be submissive as long as you do exactly what I want you to do and I don't have to do anything else but be the center of the universe. Fuck you honey, it should be good enough that I grace you with my presence everyday. Don't you know wifey, this marriage is all about me and what you can do for ME!! And let me tell you something, if you don't do exactly what I want, when I want it, I will treat you even more like shit, ignore you completely and go off and live in some fantasy land where I can pretend to be at the mercy of some woman, just as long as she is also making everything about me."

Men like this are so totally fucking pathetic it is scary. I feel so bad for their Wives, these women could be married to someone who adores and appreciates them. These women could have everything they have ever dreamed of, if they would just kick these losers to the curb and actually find someone who would treat them like Queens. If there are any wives reading this and this is hitting close to home, I have this to say: YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS. YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED, CHERISHED AND ADORED. YOU DESERVE TOTAL ADORATION FROM THE MAN IN YOUR LIFE. YOU DO!!!!!!!!!

People think I hate internet fantasy land, and this proves why I do. These guys go and look at sites that make it all about them. They think that women want to go around giving endless attention to these pathetic men, without getting anything in return. Who the hell would want to do anything where they don't get something out of it?? A man who thinks his Wife will want to tease him daily, denying his orgasms and not give her anything back is totally living in fantasy land. If the husband isn't going to put his Wife on a pedestal and make her feel attractive, adored and cherished, why does he think she will ever want to anything for him??

I am not even talking about having to live a supposed 24/7 D/s marriage. Not everyone in this lifestyle wants it to be all the time. I am talking about making your Wife feel like she did when you first met. I am talking about not taking her for granted and not making everything about you. When you married didn't you say you would "Love, honor and CHERISH??" Did that go out the window the minute your Wife had nothing left to give? Don't you realize that you will end up happier in the end if you adore and cherish your Wife?? Don't you realize that she will WANT to take more control of you if you make her feel attractive and special? I guess not!!

In my marriage, I feel loved and cherished. My husband makes me feel like I am his whole world, showing me respect and adoration. He doesn't go around doing everything for me and he has his own personality. He gets a lot out of this marriage because he gives. By him giving to me, it gives me the energy and desire to give back to him. Women in general are very giving creatures, but they can't give if they aren't being replenished. That is the husbands job - to replenish!!

I guess I am done ranting and raving. I have one thing more to say to these men - stay in your little world, jacking off to thoughts of the whole world revolving around you and you not ever having to do anything but take, take, take. I can promise you that no woman, unless she is paid, will ever want to do anything remotely Ds with you. You have nothing to give because you are a leach, sucking the very life out of your Wives. Taking what you can and never giving anything back. You are right where you deserve to be - in a pathetic , miserable world. I hope you are happy!!! LOSER!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kinky Karnival 2007 is here!!

The 2007 Kinky Karnival is almost here. It takes place Saturday July 28th at 8:00 pm. There will be fun and games for all. It is a fundraiser for the St. Therese Foundation. This foundation helps raise money for children who's parents suffer from AIDS. I will be participating in a few of the booths throughout the evening.

I will be manning the Jail where I will go and arrest Dom/mes and subby sluts who need punishment. The only way the arrested party can escape my wrath is if they are bailed out. If they aren't they are at my mercy for a 1/2 hour. I have already made a rule that my personal little slut may not be bailed out.

Then I will be at the kissing booth for 20 minutes where you may kiss me (wherever I say) for a donation. Get your lips ready for some serious body worship sluts!

Finally, I will be doing the Fashion Show where our delicious Lady C's Leather will be having Ms. Kali Ward and I show off her wonderful leather wear. I promise it will be HOT, HOT, HOT!!

So, if anyone lives in Vegas, or is close enough to come by, please join us this Saturday at the Ramrood in Vegas. The address is: 900 Karen Ave. Las Vegas, NV

Here is the link to the Kinky Karnival website for anyone interested in attending. Again, I promise it will be a great time!!

Mrs. Claudia

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chastity is coming!!! I am ordering the Carrara Belt this week!!

Well, I have finally made the decision to order a steel chastity belt for my little slut. So far we have tried the CB3000, the Exobelt and Mistress Lori's Chastity Tube. I really think the Lori's tube would have worked very well, but my darlings piercing got massively infected. He ended up being in the hospital for a week and then on IV antibiotics for an additional 2 weeks outside the hospital. In researching my options, the only choice I have left, if I want him in real chastity, is to go for one of the belted chastity devices made of steel. The more I think about it, the more I want there to be no way he can access any genital parts without my permission. There are so many ways for a guy to be able to cum, direct penile stimulation is just one. If his ass and balls are accessible, with a little imagination and tools, he could orgasm. Now for me, the whole purpose of being in chastity is so he CAN'T ORGASM WITHOUT MY DIRECT PERMISSION.

Chastity does go beyond that for me though. The mind fucks I could and would inflict on him are very devilish. Once I have him locked away, in a contraption where nothing, including the balls and ass can be accessed, I will taunt and tease him that if I choose he might NEVER be allowed to touch or see his cock again. Now talk about a mind fuck. I love playing with my subbys cock and I love having good ole fashioned sex with him. I won't keep him locked up forever, but the threat is still there. Oh, the games I will play!

Well here it is, the Carrara Belt made by Walter Goethals. I have done much research, and since the Mistress Lori's tube didn't work out, the next step is to go with a steel belt. I have decided to order the Carrara Concept belt, which covers the cock and balls. In addition, I am going to order the rear guard, which locks on from the outside, preventing him any anal stimulation. Then the final touch, I will also be getting the outside dildo attachment so I can force him to have intercourse with me while still being all locked away.

Add on with Dildo attachment and Rear Guard to prevent anal stimulation!!

I have had many discussions that a devoted male submissive should remain chaste because that is his Dommes wish. This is very true, and for the past 9 months, he has been obedient in that department. I am going to use Chastity as a total mind fuck with him. There is so much difference when there is force to do something. A large part of my desire is to take my husbands options away from him. I want him to know with all his heart that I "own" his cock, just as I own every other part of him. I am taking this "ownership" of a cock a little further by forcing him into inescapable chastity. Simple!

I also love tease and denial, and if I want to achieve him going months without orgasm's, with me teasing him relentlessly almost every night, physical chastity is a must. There is only so much a man can go through, regardless if he is submissive or not. This is something I want to force, and I can only force it the way I want, through this device.

I am very excited about ordering it. I have researched this particular device since November 2006. Initially, I wanted to try the less expensive brands, but now I have the justification for spending this kind of money. This belt is very expensive, but it will be well worth it. I can't wait to have him locked up, the key hanging on some part of my body, his entire groin area locked away, completely at my mercy and torture for as long as I choose. I am getting hot just thinking about it. I'll definitely keep everyone posted on my progress.

Monday, July 16, 2007

To cuckold or not to cuckold?? Decisions, decisions!!

Lately I have been fantasizing more and more about cuckolding my darling hubby. It is not that I don't love having sex with my husband or that I want to have sex with another man. For me, that is not what is so arousing about cuckolding. What I find totally and utterly arousing is the forcing aspect of cuckolding. See, I wouldn't be the type of Wife that had her sub get her ready for a date and then leave him locked in a cage while I was off having fantastic sex with someone else. Oh no! I would have him front and center, getting up close and personal in the action. The whole point of cuckolding to me would be the utter humiliation and complete control of the act. Forcing him to be tied up to a chair, gagged and forced to look me in the eye while I was enjoying some young, hot stud. But my attraction to this activity goes further than that.

I, like my fellow blogger Catwoman, have had a long standing fantasy of doing a forced Bi scene on my subby. I want to take the forced bi scene a little further and actually make my sub participate in my sexual adventure with another. I want to use him as my little fluffer and then force him to be tied to the end of the bed so he is right there as close to the action as possible. Then once the young stud is ready to cum, use my subby as the cum catcher. What makes this even more delectable is that my darling is not in the least bit bi-curious. He has no fantasies about having any kind of sex with another man. He does love to be forced to do pretty much anything and I will use this little kink of his to it's fullest!!

In reading about cuckolding on the internet, I have noticed that most of the bulls are just regular guys or Dom's themselves. I know there is no right or wrong way to do this if I choose to cuckold my hubby, but I am looking to have my bull a submissive too. The perfect cuckolding experience for me would be another single submissive male who I am also forcing to do dirty, nasty things in order to have sex with me. I would find a nice, handsome, heterosexual guy who I can mind fuck too. He would also be a little homophobic and would not have any real fantasies about being with another man. I want the battle in his mind to be real and I want him to have to fight with himself when I force him to beg me for his cock to be sucked by another man. YUMMY!!

How HOT would it be to have my subby tied to a chair in the corner, being forced to watch his wife dominate her lover, taunting and teasing him, until he begged me to let my husband suck his cock! Then turn my attention on my chair bound darling, and taunt and tease him until he is begging to suck my lovers cock. Like I said in my "Tease and Denial" post, you can get a man to promise anything, and I mean anything, when he wants to cum and his orgasmic fate in is your hands!

Here is a totally FUCKING hot picture. I hope you all like it. And for all you prudes that are offended by pornographic images I have this to say: "How the hell can you practice FemDom or anything kinky, and yet be offended by porn?? Put away your prejudice and open up your mind! You might even find it totally HOT!!"

OK, here you go!!

Told you, pretty hot huh? I know it could be potentially disastrous to our marriage if the cuckolding thing was to backfire. I have had many good friends that were swingers and none of them are still married. They are all divorced!! As unbelievably hot as it might sound, I will have to make sure my marriage, and the bond we have as a D/s couple, is strong enough to handle bringing a third person into the relationship. I would never make cuckolding a regular part of my marriage, but every once in a while I think all it would do is deepen the control I have over my husband. Once I have implemented real time chastity, coupled with long term tease and denial, cuckolding is the next logical place my desires will go. When you get into the reality of this desire it gets a little more complicated. Living in the times we live in, we have all kinds of things to worry about. Safe sex is one of them. Can I really live out this to its fullest when you have to worry about STD's and AIDS?? Is it realistic to require testing on any potential partners? It has been 13 years since I have had to worry about diseases. I guess I will worry about that when it closer to becoming a reality.

I know there are a few FemDom's that practice this in their marriages and relationships. I would love to hear from you on the benefits and pitfalls of bringing this into your relationship. Cuckolding is still a ways away from becoming any kind of a reality in my life, but it is on the horizon. I can feel it in my bones!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is a 24/7 D/s relationship realistic???

Over the past few days the topic of Total Power Exchange has come up in conversation with a few different people. At Midori, she posed the question "Is there such a thing as a 24/7 TPE relationship?" The audience gave mixed answers and, if I had to guess, I would say the answer was 50/50. She answered with a resounding "NO"!! She went on to give this example: If the Dominant was to order the submissive to hold their breath indefinitely, would the submissive be able to obey? Well the answer is obvious - NO! The human body would take over and, after the sub passed out, the body would resume breathing. I thought that answer didn't really make a good case for a TPE not being possible.

When I think of 24/7 D/s or Total Power Exchange, I think of what the submissive is CAPABLE of giving control of over to the Dominant. I think of things like: sex, financial decisions, parenting decisions, free time decisions, etc. I do not think of things the submissive does not have any control over, which would include bodily functions. Yes, the submissive can give over urinating and defecating, where permission has to be given before evacuation can be made, but what if the Dominant does not ever give permission to use the bathroom? Eventually the submissive will make a huge mess. So, does he or she really have control over that function? NO!!

I am just starting to read more about TPE (total power exchange) so I am by no means an expert on the subject. I have also been asked lately if I am ever just "normal" with my husband. Where we are equals? I have been thinking about this and I have come to the following observations. First, in any relationship there is a dominant and submissive balance. Even with friends, usually one is more dominant in the relationship than the other. In my marriage, I have more control over CERTAIN aspects of the marriage. This has always been though. In the past, before D/s, if I wanted to watch a particular program on TV, in the end we would end up watching what I wanted. There might have been arguing and pouting, but I would have gotten what I wanted. The only difference now is I am being freely given the right to watch whatever I want, with none of the arguing or pouting. Presto, D/s is born in our marriage. What is different - the mindset of the parties involved. My husband made a decision to hand over his power, which includes his arguing, pouting and generally unlikable behaviour. He sees it now as a gift he is giving me, instead of something I am taking from him. On the surface the only thing that has changed is him.

Some people say that the submissive is really the one in control. Actually it takes both to make it work. The sub has to be willing to give control and the Domme has to be willing to take control. I like to look at it a little different - the submissive is freely giving up his rights to control and giving it to the Dominant. This is what makes it a gift. In a relationship where the D/s is strictly in the bedroom, the submissive is still giving up his right to control the situation. Once the Dominant accepts that gift, a power exchange has occurred. Pretty simple. Well the same thing happens in a lifestyle or 24/7 D/s relationship. Instead of the submissive saying "OK, I will give you the power to do whatever you want for the next hour", the 24/7 lifestyle submissive is saying "OK, I will give you the power to do whatever you want for our entire relationship".

In any marriage there is a Dominant partner and a submissive partner. Society tells us that the man is the Dominant and the wife is the submissive. When people think of a regular marriage, where there is no D/s, they see that as completely normal. They do not think that the woman is sitting at the man's feet waiting to be given permission to speak. So why do people think that in a FemDom marriage, it is not just as normal as a vanilla marriage? Like Ms. Rika says "We are no different!" My husband does not sit at my feet every night, not allowed to speak or change the channel on the TV. The only difference between us and "regular" folks is I am being given the power to have my husband sit at my feet when I want. I have been given the power to make the final decision on certain things, like anything to do with this lifestyle. I decide when and how we have sex. I decide when and if my husband gets to orgasm. I decide who will cook in our household. My husband still decides when the bills get paid, when he goes to work, what he eats and when he speaks.

When we go to dinner or the movies, we still hold hands. He walks beside me and acts like a gentleman, opening doors and pulling out my chair. We are a lifestyle FemDom couple but in most cases you can't tell us apart from all the other "vanilla" couples. I decide how, when and where we have our power exchange and to what extent. If we are going out to dinner and I specifically tell my husband that he is to ask permission for everything while we are out, that is just a game I play with him, to exaggerate the level of control. I have the power in the relationship to do that. If we go to dinner and I do not make him ask permission for everything does that mean we are acting "normal"? No, it just means the level of control I am enforcing is that he doesn't have to ask permission for anything, that in itself is control.

So the bottom line is the mindset. There is never any question who is in control of our marriage and everything it encompasses. My final word is law, period. Most days our interactions are just as normal as any other couple out there. There is just a firm understanding that I make the rules and whatever those rules are, my husband is to obey them. When he is unsure of a rule, it is his place to get clarification and it is my place to communicate with him what I am expecting. On most days we seem as normal as anyone else. Actually we are quite different. We are madly in love and anyone that is within 500 yards can tell that. More than 50% of marriages end in divorce, maybe those "vanilla" couples should be more like us!! One can only hope!