Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our weekend - Eggs, Midori and the Crown Suite! Part 2!

I am a little bummed out right now. I could have sworn I took pictures of the suite we had this weekend but I guess I didn't. I just unloaded my digital camera and all I have a dirty pictures of my darling hubby. I would share but I don't think he would be very appreciative. So I am going to describe the suite as best as I can. I found a picture of the downstairs portion of the suite, but I will tell you right now this picture does not do this suite justice.

I have already decided that the collaring we are doing in September will be done at this hotel. The Alexis Park Resort is a non-gaming resort located across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Since there is no casino, it is not as popular with out of town guests like the other hotels. If you are not bothered with having to walk across the street to gamble, then this hotel is a total winner. Now the Crown Suite, I think, was planned by a kinky architect. It offers two stories with a wrought iron banister going to the second floor. On the stairs is a jacuzzi with metal railing around it. There were so many places to tie up my hubby my head was spinning. Then the bar stools and dinning table chairs also had wrought iron to tie to. Bliss!!!

Here is a sketch of the room, which also doesn't do it justice. Upstairs there is a loft bedroom with a fireplace. The only thing I didn't like about the king bed was no frame. This was of little concern, seeing all the other options I had for restraining my intended victim.

Finally, the coffee table had a stone top with more wrought iron for tying. I wish I had a week to spend in this place. The wheels are already set in motion to have our collaring at the larger two story suite, the Regal.

So onto a little of what our weekend entailed. First thing Friday night, I started with the table. Since I am such a nice Lady, I had a towel tied to the table for better comfort. I began with a nice leather ball stretcher, thanking Ms160 for the eye candy Friday. I went out and got myself a nice little black ball stretcher and some weights. After everything was stretched and bulging, I had him lay down on the table for some good old fashioned teasing. After about 2 hours of completely fucking with him, he was allowed to cum. It was late and time for bed. We had a big weekend in front of us.

Saturday morning I woke up ready to play. This time a "Gates of Hell" was put on and a nice little leash was attached. Most of the morning, he crawled around on all fours, fetching me various instruments to tease and torture him with. What was priceless was watching him crawl up the stairs, leash in mouth, for the fourth or fifth time. Next time I think I will supply knee pads (wink!!).

We were off for a long day at the Rack with our friends and when we got back to the hotel Ms. Kali and her submissive joined us for some flogging practice. After some drinks and good ole' fashioned laughter, we retired to bed for some kinky style love making. There was tons of moaning and begging. When I woke up I was ready for my day of pampering. My husband had bought special "pampering" stuff for our weekend. I got champagne, bubble bath, sparkly lotion and spray gel. Sunday morning he bathed me in the jacuzzi located in the middle of the stairs, with the railing. While I laid there, basking in my nice smelling bubbles, he was my eye candy, handcuffed to the rail. Again we ran out of time and had to go to the Rack.

Next time, I am locking us away in that fabulous room so it can be used to it's fullest advantage. I won't forget to take pictures so you can see how nice this room is. It was one of the best weekends I have had with my husband and submissive in a while. Much deserved by us both!!

Our weekend - Eggs, Midori and the Crown Suite!

This post is going to be in two sections. The first will describe our Midori experience. The second will describe our weekend at the Crown Suite at the Alexis Park Resort.

Now, Onto my first post!!!

As I posted earlier, Fetish Diva Midori came to Las Vegas this past weekend. First, I would like to thank Mateo at Nawa Yoi for bringing Midori to Las Vegas. He did a fabulous job organizing and orchestrating the entire event. There were so many people that helped make this weekend spectacular.

I decided to make this weekend extra special for my darling subby. He has been through so much lately so I took the opportunity and made it into a real special weekend. More on that in the next post!

Let me start with the Midori event. Saturday was nice, beginning with Beyond Twisted. It was a class explaining the different combinations of lifestyle persona's. She explained things so well, breaking it down into the basic, well known categories: Dominant, submissive, Sadist, masochist, switch, Top and bottom. She then described in detail the combinations that make up the personalities in our lifestyle. Very informative, especially for those who play with different people. I have learned that I am in a few different categories: I am a regular ole' Dominant, which is my prominent character. Then I also am at some times, a Dominant Sadist. Another one I already knew. What threw me for a loop was when she explained the Dominant masochist. At first I didn't think I was but then she explained.

"What about when a Dominant or Top instructs the submissive or bottom to massage the Domme with a flogger or use hot wax?" Doesn't this make the Domme a masochist too? Well shit, I guess it does. I would have never taken myself for a masochist, as I HATE pain, but I do LOVE hot wax and floggers, go figure!! Then finally I am a Domme in training. Ms. Kali Ward is training me which actually puts me in a "service sub" or "Training Top" capacity. Very interesting class.

Then the second class was Foot Pampering. She gave home made recipes for creams, soaks and scrubs. All of them are completely edible which is perfect for the licking portion of the pampering. I was thoroughly pampered and spoiled, ending the nice massage with some well deserved toe sucking and licking. It was very hot!!! Mostly though, this class was like something you would have watched on Real Sex. It was not really lifestyle in the way I thought it would be.

Then Sunday was my most favorite class - PREDICAMENT BONDAGE!!! First, I was originally scheduled to be the female volunteer. After much discussion with Midori and my husband, it was decided that I was not the right person for the presentation. I am not a bondage enthusiast on the receiving end. I do not sit around dreaming of being tied up - I dream about being the rigger! I do, on the other hand, have the perfect little subby for the job - my husband. He LOVES being in bondage and predicament bondage is perfect for him. He is an escape artist and I specifically took this class to learn. It was friggin' priceless. The Rack had a suspension system that hooks a sex swing to it. It is perfect for predicament bondage and I am including a picture for your viewing pleasure. It is on my list of toys to get. It completely breaks down and can be stored in a closet. Here is a picture of it!!

Midori first tied his cock and balls up and placed a spreader bar between his legs. Then she placed nipple clamps on him, that had been tied to a large O ring attached to the top of the swing. Then she placed a pitcher of water in his right hand and had his left hand tied so if he moved his arms, it pulled on the nipple clamps. She of course had him pour her a few glasses of water. When he would try and straighten his legs it would tighten the rope around his balls, but when he would try and kneel lower it would pull on his nipple clamps. So wicked. Then she added raw eggs. She placed one under his arm that had the pitcher of water in it and one under his right foot. Then she tied scissors just out of reach so if he tried to get them, it would pull everything. Lastly, she removed the egg under his foot and placed it between his ass cheeks. He was instructed to not break or drop either egg. He was then told he could cut himself free if he could get the scissors. It was priceless, I wish I could have taken pictures.

So that was Midori. Stay tuned for the other half of our weekend!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tease and Denial. What's in it for the Domme???

One of my all time favorite playtime activities is Tease and Denial. When I first starting learning about this I was fascinated. I actually learned that this was a huge turn on for me even before I started my D/s lifestyle. It started at night when my husband and I would lie in bed together and I would lazily run my arm across his cock. At first I didn't even realize I was doing it.

Then I would start tickling his thighs and lower stomach, always sliding my arm and fingers past his cock or balls. Before I knew it he would start to breath heavily when I would do this. I began to do more and more caressing around his privates but not actually making direct contact. After a while I took it farther and would slide my hand over him and he would almost jump, trying desperately to get better contact with my hand. When he would do this I would stop. "You will just lie there and be still and quiet." Of course he did and before I knew it he was promising all kinds of things, trying to get me to go farther.

Wow, it is amazing what you can get a man to do when you tease him. Hence the benefit for the Domme. I was watching a supposed Tease and Denial video last night that was nothing more than a porn tagged as a tease and denial. The woman had the guy gagged and tied to the bed and then she proceeded to "tease" him for about 45 minutes. She even licked his cum off of him after she had let him cum!! Yeah right. The only one licking cum after one of our play sessions is my submissive!!!

As I was watching this all I kept thinking is "I hope the male submissive does not think this is what tease and denial is like!!" She was exerting 150% of her attention on him and he just layed back and enjoyed. Well, not in my world. See when you get a man so desperate to orgasm and you deny him that privilege, you can get him to say and do all kinds of things. This is where the benefit of the Domme truly comes into play.

First, you can get your submissive to a place he is willing to do pretty much anything, even things he wouldn't necessarily do otherwise. Humiliation play works really well at this point. For years and years men have complained that women don't swallow. Well, this is his opportunity to see why women don't like to swallow. Make him beg you to eat his cum off a dildo in order for him to be allowed to cum. Get him to promise that he will wash the toilets, naked with a toothbrush. Make him promise whatever you want. I promise he will comply. I am into getting him to do some pretty nasty things. You must make him do whatever you made him promise. If you don't, he will say yes to anything knowing you won't follow through. You can also follow through sometimes and not others. This works well when you get him to promise something really humiliating, he thinks you won't follow through, and then you do. Wicked I know!!

The best thing I like to do it keep him in a state of arousal for days. If you do this you will find that he becomes very attentive. The power a woman has over a man is priceless. The power that comes from knowing you can call him at work and say one nasty word and he is in instant arousal is HOT. Especially if you time it when he is in a meeting. You can make this game last as long as you like. After 3 or 4 days, a chastity device really helps to deepen the knowledge the submissive has that he is under your complete control. When you are first starting your D/s relationship, the strong D/s bond is still forming. It would be totally naive to think you could do a prolonged tease and denial play with your submissive and he would not cheat. He is just not trained well enough to have that kind of discipline!!

Other things you can do when you are playing tease and denial games is conditioning. For me, my subby is not a pain slut or masochist at all. I on the other hand am interested in more pain play. When you have a submissive you are trying to play with that doesn't necessarily enjoy pain you can have him experience this while he is ultra aroused. I love CBT. My darling likes certain less painful forms of CBT but where is the fun in that?? Then making him beg for you to do something he would never want deepens that Dominant / submissive bond. He truly has to grapple with himself to give you that power.

Then there are the mind fucks. When you have them tied down and blindfolded try this. Tease him that if he chooses not to do as you say, you will let him cum but it won't be very nice. Open a tube of Ben Gay and let him smell it. Then make him tell you what you have. Then tell him that if he doesn't comply you are going to spread it all over his nice hard cock and jack him off with it. It he is a feisty sub at all he will test you. This is when you pull out some warming lube. If you keep the Ben Gay tube close to his nose he will not be able to tell that you are not putting it on his cock. This usually works pretty well in getting him to do as you say!!

There are a thousand different things you can do. Tease and Denial is so much more than tying your submissive up and jacking him off or blowing him for 45 minutes. I don't even think that is the submissive desire. If you go and view Tease and Denial movies try and find authentic FemDom ones. If you don't, you will end up watching nothing more than a porn movie where the woman is there to please the man. I do love pleasing my submissive, and he is well pleased when I have teased him for hours, doing the things I have shared. Then when he is made to suck his cum out of a condom from my strap on he is very happy. Then make him thank you for allowing him to serve and please you!!! Now that is FemDom tease and denial!!!

There is a great article on Ms. Rika's site called "The joy of denial". She shares what the benefits of tease and denial are to the Domme and the sub. Go check it out. You won't be disappointed!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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I am putting together a distribution list of anyone who would like to be notified via email when I have updated my blog. I will BCC everyone on the list so your email address will be hidden. Please do not worry about me selling or sharing your email address with anyone. I will also NEVER, EVER send any kind of spam. I will take all measures necessary to ensure your email address is kept in strict confidence.

If you are interested please email me at and I will add you to the distribution list.

My next post will be on Tease and Denial - What is in it for the Domme? It will be an eye opening post indeed.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Midori's Wild Side Weekend in Sin City

Our little ole' town is being graced by one of the most well known BDSM experts. Midori Fetish Diva is coming to Vegas June 23 and 24th. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Here is a description of the classes she is giving.

Date: June 23rd & 24th

Location: The RACK

Current Sponsors: TNG Las Vegas, SinCity D/s,


Beyond Twisted: Kink Outside the Box.

A sadist must of course be a dominant. A submissive must of course be a masochist. Right? Wrong! Come along as Midori explodes the standard definitions of kink roles and expands the idea of what kink is all about. In "Beyond Twisted," she maps out a fine-tuned and flexible framework that anyone can use to help describe their deviant desires. And as we all know, that's the first step to fulfilling them!This is a class for those who don't quite fit into the standard boxes... and for anyone who's curious about their own possibly untapped potential! Appropriate experience level: A class for the curious beginner as well as the advanced, experienced player. Tentative Ticket Price $15

Predicament Bondage.

Here's a class for fun-loving, wicked tops and for bottoms who enjoy a challenge. A predicament bondage creates a situation where the bottom is 'between a rock and a hard place.' Which ever direction the bottom moves has consequences, either physical or psychological. It can challenge your endurance, your pain threshold, or your pride.The class will include several demos, and you may have an opportunity to volunteer for one. If you're a service bottom or an escape artist, you may get a new challenge! Appropriate experience level: Some bondage experience preferred but not mandatory. Tentative Ticket Price $15

Erotic Foot Pampering for Lovers.

A special new class for sensuous couples! Learn how to create total body erotic pleasure in your lover through his or her feet. In this interactive class you'll learn how to sensually wash, create sexy foot spas, massage for sexual pleasure,over come foot-shyness, and incorporate foot pleasures into fantastic sex. Midori, the author of 'Foot and Shoe Worship' tells all. A class for couples and intimate friends. Bring two or three fluffy towels. Other equipment provided. Appropriate experience level: This class is suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Class Limited to 30 people. This is a couples event. Tentative Ticket Price $35.

There is a fourth class called "Hand and Foot Bondage" that I am not attending. I am not a big fan of hand and foot bondage but I am sure the class will be fun for those who are. I am pretty sure the entire event is sold out but if you are in the Las Vegas area on the dates listed above, go to Desert Rose Power Exchange Yahoo group for information. Do a search for "Midori" and the appropriate person to contact will be shown.

I am a huge fan of bondage and I am really excited about the Predicament Bondage class. My subby is an escape artist so I will learn some new, fun and interesting positions to put him in. Then the Erotic Foot Massage class is my next favorite. I LOVE foot worship, I even think I might have a little foot fetish myself. I adore having my feet massaged, pampered and worshiped. I will post how things go after the event. It is bound to be a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Domme Guilt - When something goes wrong.

I was reading on Mistress160's Abode a wonderful post on Aftercare for Dommes. This is a subject that is not really talked about to much. The entire article was exceptional, but what I would like to focus on is Domme Guilt. What do you do when something goes wrong?

For me, I never expect something to go wrong, but I have prepared myself if something was to go wrong. I am very careful to never leave my subby alone when he is in bondage, especially if I am mixing sensory deprivation with it. I practice with any new toys I get first, to make sure I don't misuse the device. Well, so far, so good. But what about when something happens that is completely out of your control? What do you do when a decision you have made negatively affects your submissive? While I don't have all the answers, I do have some experience in this arena.

It is easy to tell others what to do physically when something goes wrong. If bondage has somehow gone wrong, then use your emergency medical sheers to cut the person out. If it is serious enough, call an ambulance or get your submissive to the ER immediately. You would rather be safe than sorry. My focus with this article is how to handle the guilt when a decision YOU make as a Domme causes an injury. It is so easy to say "Don't blame yourself, it wasn't intentional." Which is actually true. Unless you are a complete psycho I am sure you NEVER, EVER have the intention of causing any damage to your submissive.

So, let's say you have had an accident. You might be back home from the ER or just holding your submissive after a near mistake. I know exactly what is going on inside your mind and heart. "What the fuck am I doing?" "Maybe I am not cut out to be a Domme!" "How could I be so irresponsible and careless?" Again, unless you intended to cause harm, it is OK! Do not beat yourself up. No matter what you think, the activities we engage in all have a risk. We are human, and no matter how careful and educated you are, there is always a chance something could go wrong. That is how we learn sometimes. Just because something has gone wrong does not mean you weren't cut out for this whole FemDom thing. Just because we are the Dominants does not mean we are all knowing. If we were, we would be God, and that is not a job I want.

All I can do is educate and prepare myself. Make sure you have friends in the lifestyle that you can talk to. They will reassure you that you are OK. Make sure you communicate with your submissive that you are truly sorry and that you never meant to hurt them. Cry until you can't cry anymore. Then remind yourself, over and over if need be, that it was not intentional. If you would have known this would happen you would have never, ever done it. Sometimes we can do everything humanly possible to prevent a mistake, to only find yourself living a mistake. I guess it goes with the territory!

I don't want to get into details, but I just experienced a "mistake" that I had no way of anticipating or preventing. The guilt I have experienced was unimaginable. I am thankfully on the other side of it, but I was beating myself up for a week. This man's life is in my hands and that is a responsibility I take very seriously, as I should. I am a very careful Domme. I research and research and then research some more. I practice, practice, practice. I talk to other Dommes for advice and most times I experience what I will have my submissive experience. With all this carefulness, things can still go wrong. What I need to do is pick myself up, learn from my mistake, and move on. Some of the guilt is still there, but it is passing each day. My submissive is my #1 priority and I love him more than anything in this world. I just have to keep reminding myself of that. If I would have ever thought this would happen, I would have NEVER, EVER, done it, PERIOD!!!

I am not sure if this post is going to help anyone. This one I am really posting for me. To get it out and hopefully help a fellow Domme not run for the hills if something, God forbid, should go wrong. If you have no one else to talk to, email me. I will completely understand what you are feeling, and I will do my best to help you get back on track!!