Monday, February 26, 2007

Chastity - Reality or Fantasy???

Well here we go again. Friday we finally received the Exobelt that we ordered a few weeks ago. I did everything a smart consumer would do. I researched the device, searched for consumer reviews and, with my husbands opinion, decided to buy the Exobelt X1. I was so excited when my husband walked in with the box. Finally he would be in chastity, yeah!!! I opened the box and unwrapped the device. When I unwrapped the Exobelt my first thought was it would definitely be noticeable under clothes. Most days my hubby wears jeans and this contraption would stick out big time. The second thought was how heavy and bulky it was. We sat down and he tried it on. After getting the solid ring on, my husband put on the inside tube that is used to hold the penis in place. Tight fit but after some maneuvering he got it on. Then it was time to put the two pieces together. Now, my husband is no porn star, he is an average sized guy with a lovely package. I am not sure who's balls these are made for but it was very difficult to stuff his jewels into this device. He got very frustrated but amused me by trying to get the thing on. Where the bottom comes together his skin kept poking through and getting pinched. When he did finally get the skin on the bottom to not stick out, his penis would be bulging out. After a while he got the whole thing in place after he removed the inside tube. The inside tube was not on, there was just no way the thing would close with the interior tube in place. There was no way everything he's got was going to fit in this tiny contraption. After we got all the parts and locks secured he sat back and in one swoop pulled the entire thing off. By this point I was resigned to the fact that another $200 had just gone down the drain. My mind is still trying to figure out a way for this thing to work but it is all pipe dreams. What is the point of putting my husband in chastity if he can get out? There's not.

Now onto our experience with the CB3000. Regarding functionality and workmanship, the CB3000 is superb. Once the device is attached it is invisible under clothes. It is sleek and smooth. I can understand why it is the most popular belt out there. The only problem is it doesn't work. I am sure there are some men that can not pull out, but I think most can, that is why there are add on's like the KSD and the Points of intrigue. Along with the CB3000 I have purchased solid rings to replace the hinged ones, the KSD add on and the points of intrigue. The points of intrigue are devilish little things and I do not see how they can be worn regularly without causing damage. The KSD add on is a great security device to make pulling out impossible, the only problem is it causes the skin to bunch and pinch in between the device and ring. There is also a warning about what to do if your penis gets stuck. Now I am all for chastity, and believe me I want to keep him locked up, but I don't want him hurt. Screw that!!! Instead of having a frustrated man in a good way, I will end up having a cranky, complaining, whining man. Now if I wanted the latter I would force him to wear the KSD but that is not what I want.
So, is a piercing the way to go. Well I am not sure. I came across a great post from Ms. Alice who seems to be having the same problem with chastity as I am. I want to learn from other people's trials and not repeat them. Here is her article. I really wish I would have read this article prior to purchasing both the CB3000 and the Exobelt. I would be over $500 richer right now. There are several things I could spend $500 bucks on. Back to the piercing, she stated that her husbands frenum migrated, that her husband no longer has a frenum. Well I am not sure what she means, but you can bet your ass I will be asking her. I absolutely love my husbands frenum and I don't want it migrating anywhere!!!!!
Final thoughts. In thinking back on the research I did regarding the CB3000 and the Exobelt I realized most (if not all) the reviews I read were posted by men. While I do not doubt that these devices work for certain men, I believe for most they don't. The posts that I read by men were missing one important thing. The perspective of their keyholders. What I am thinking is that the men who posted about how secure their CB's are probably have themselves in chastity. If you hold the key, you can unlock yourself at any time, so security really doesn't matter! In reading the articles and benefits of chastity, I still want to have my husband locked up, but I do not want to find myself in Ms. Alice's shoes, $2,000 later and still no chastity. So, are any of the non-fiction stories out there in internet land real, who knows. What I am now looking for are chastity experiences from the keyholders perspective. One article that seems promising is one by Mistress Lori. She makes chastity tubes that require a piercing. I think Ms. Alice has already tried this device too. I will be talking with her more. If anyone has solid slutions to the dilemma of male chastity I would love to hear from you. Preferably Ladies, although I am sure there are some guys out there that have a reality based perspective. I wish I had better news. Sorry guys!!


Polyfetishist said...

Which belt works seems to really vary from man to man. Probably half the people I know have had to try two or three to find the model that is comfortable, invisible and secure.

Probably various factors like whether or not the man is circumcised accounts for the differences.

There does seem to be a consensus that for real security a piercing is just about a must.

Best of luck in finding the right solution for your guy.

Catwomanslair said...

My pet and I have gone through similar experiences with the CB 2000 and 3000. We have so many devices and add-ons, it looks like adult Lego pieces all over the place.

I agree with you that there is room for a better mousetrap. And even for those who claim they wear their devices 24/7, my pet has told me that, despite people's assertions, after a while they come clean and admit that they do not wear it as long or as consistently as they claim.

Good luck.

PS - new post up on the blog.

saratoga said...


I have written several pieces on this topic on my blog. I think if you search on 'chastity devices' or 'cb3k' or such, you'll find them.

Basically, my Mistress and I have found the cbxk series to be junk. I still believe that most males don't tell the truth because it allows them to masturbate and have their Female Owner believe the device works.

The pinching, incredible filth and lack of hygiene from urinating, the poor workmanship and cracked rings, all make for an inferior device.

Like so many other bdsm devices and toys, I believe many purveyors know that you cannot and will not complain thru usual channels, so inferior items are the norm.

Despite MsAlice's travails, I still believe that piercings are the only way to go for assured chastity, and no erections.

As a cheap alternative, tho, check out club femme's $40 modern version of the KTB, by Lady Dee. She is of the Dallas chapter, and you can google to find the url and ordering page.

In some ways, I think all these inferior devices suggest that simple denial and self-control training, and trust, are the best approaches to chastity.

And perhaps simply training the male away from associating his orgasm with your pleasure, or much of anything else.

Thus, my Mistress' allowing me release, just not in her presence. If anything, I find being emptied prior to play gives me more confidence that I will not disappoint her, but it never affects my submissive attitude. That is simply not related to whether or not I've orgasmed.

Mistress160 said...

Thanks so much - we were about to cough up for the Exobelt!!!

Bonnie said...

I've been in this lifestyle for 20 plus years and I'm yet to find a device that works (long term).

as Saratoga said 'In some ways, I think all these inferior devices suggest that simple denial and self-control training, and trust, are the best approaches to chastity.

And perhaps simply training the male away from associating his orgasm with your pleasure, or much of anything else.'
It's the only method I've found that works. save your money and buy something else.
Collar N cuffs

the cherub said...

thank you for posting your exeperience I was considering the Exobelt and am glad not that i have not gotten it. I do not have the largest example of a male organ but do have rather large balls. That was my major misgiving about the X1 from the start. I do have a Prince Albert piercing and have been looking at Ms Lori's products but have not decided yet. If you decide on this route their is an added bonus. My wife loves the feel of my PA inside of her. So that is somthing to consider. Oh and i've Had my PA for about 10 years on there is no sign of it migrating out.


Ms Alice said...

Hi Dear.
I must tell you that, NOT EVERY FRENUM MIGRATES.
My slave's migrated probably because we had intercourse 15 days after he got pierced and that's absolutely wrong.
Except from that, we didn't take of the ring so, the movements during the intercourse, made his frenume wick and it finally migratted.
In my opinion, the # 15 A piral device for a frenum piercing is the best device.
It's lightweight and not shown under the clothes.
What you must know for sure is that, in order to have a secure device your slave must get pierced either a P.A or a frenum piercing.
There is no possibility for the P.A to migrate.
Except from the # 15 A spiral device, DON'T order anything else that is made of stainless steel from Lori. They are very very heavy.
You can contact me via e-mail if you need further information
I'll gladly help you :)

Catwomanslair said...

Mrs. Claudia,

I am having trouble accessing parts of the blog this evening.

In response to your comment on one of my posts, I can send you the link where you can find the boots you saw on my post. I got my pair at DSW, but I later found the same ones at this particular site.

Ms Alice said...

Hi again Dear.
Frenum is a piece of skin in a lower point of the dick's head.
When i say it migrated i mean it was cut.This piece of skin can not be replaced.
You can get more information via the google search machine.
As for the PA , it may looks quite painful or weird but i asure you it's not!

subservire said...

A very refreshing site! It's one I'll definitely be printing out for my Wife to read.

Thanks for the insight.

george said...

i'm about to be put into a cb-3000 i have read all the comments and i'm a little disappointed in what i'm reading .iwas hoping this was going to work

davey said...

Having tried home made devices for several years as well as a CB2k I finally got a P/A piercing and ordered a Lori tube for real security. I expect that I will still be able to get off whilst wearing it (to some degree) if given copious amounts of literature and media but that's not the point for us. I do think that I should not really need a device if the rest of the femdom marriage is working well(if I truely take pleasure from serving and she ensures that I completely know she really wants me chaste). So I will consider it a treat to wear it and it will be sign of ownership for me that will help keep me focussed if I start to falter.

Before purchasing though do be really really really thorough with your measurements. Try wearing rings of several sizes for a few days to confirm the size, do try lengths of plastic tube to get the diameter as small as is comfortable.


Emma Kelly said...

Hello, Ma'am:

i am the husband in a long-term Femdom marriage. We have been into male chastity for years and have explored numerous devices in search of perfect security and perfect orgasm denial. We've tried many devices--3 Neosteel belts, Lori's Tube, the Curve (out of the box and modified) and Gerecke. All have strengths and weaknesses and NONE are 100%.

Currently, my Wife uses the modified Curve, the ergonomic Hip Total Chastity Neosteel and the Gerecke on me. I can stay in the Curve forever but even though I can't pull out I can bring myself to orgasm. The Neosteel is great interms of security but after about a week I need a break. The device is demanding in subtle ways and eventually I either chafe or fatigue sets it. The Gerecke comes the closest of being the best balance of security and long term but still I can't stay in it as long as the Curve.

I think male chastity, for those who desire it, is an ideal to be strived towards understanding that perfection is impossible.

Amputating the penis would probably be the ultimate solution 100% but few of us want to carry things quite that far.

So we do the best we can.

Hope this helps.



slave2Catwoman said...

One of these days, I am going to invent the foolproof male chastity device. I just hope I get around to it before I am so old that I will no longer need the doggone thing.

JustStartingOut said...

I'm a submissive male wearing a CB3000 24/7 successfully - but it did take some effort to get the fitting right and yes, you do have to work to keep clean!

Anyone putting a CB3000 on first time is going to find it uncomfortable, particularly if it is on tight enough to be even partially effective. I had to experiment with the ring sizes and spacers between the tube and the ring. This took several weeks before I had a fit that trapped my balls between the ring and the underside of the tube well enough to keep my penis in the tube. This fit is way tighter than physically possible on the first attempt - I suppose my parts were being 'broken in'!

I finally arrived at the combination of the second-largest ring and using the small Points-Of-Intrigue as the only spacer. The POI do act as a deterrent to pulling-out, as does the tightness of the combination on the balls. You might get out, but not be in a position to enjoy anything, or put it all back!

Cleaning isn't too difficult in the shpwer with ordinary shampoo and a jetting shower-head. You learn the areas to jet clean. Hand-moisturisers are effective for keeping skin in good condition.

It is possible that no fit will be effective on some men, and that I am both lucky and persistent. However, I do believe that the cost of a CB3000 is reasonable for those wishing to try bringing-in chastity into their relationship.

I hope this helps. I have posted on the CB-3000 Yahoo group and uploaded some pictures.

Anonymous said...

With the small POI, I find there is no hope of escaping from the CB3000.

Anonymous said...

My situation: I have a cb-3000 with POI insert (I use the middle-sized). I have a larger than average dick and very completely fill the thing. I mean, completely.

Before the POI, I could pull it out and put it back in. I am afraid to really try with the POI, although I'm pretty sure I could get it out but not back in. Wife would not be happy.

But even if I get it out, an erection would be very painful to my nuts, which tend to get pulled inside a bit during arousal. In other words, I may be able to get my dick out but achieving orgasm would be unlikely.

Given that, I've considered a very simple chastity device which would simply pinch the top of the scrotum. I'm pretty sure I couldn't achieve orgasm while wearing one since the arousal would make my nuts hurt, but the devilish thing would leave the penis completely exposed.

cb6kguy said...

You may want to check out a solution I found that makes it so I can't pull out of my CB-6000... it should work just as well on the CB-3000. Check it out....

Let me know what you think.

ChastityDevice said...

I love CB6000 too.

culchie said...

Reading this has been terribly helpful, if a touch depressing. I'm built kinda funny...that part that goes around the back would have to be 12 inches. No one sells anything like that, and there's no device that doesn't go behind the balls.