Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chastity is coming!!! I am ordering the Carrara Belt this week!!

Well, I have finally made the decision to order a steel chastity belt for my little slut. So far we have tried the CB3000, the Exobelt and Mistress Lori's Chastity Tube. I really think the Lori's tube would have worked very well, but my darlings piercing got massively infected. He ended up being in the hospital for a week and then on IV antibiotics for an additional 2 weeks outside the hospital. In researching my options, the only choice I have left, if I want him in real chastity, is to go for one of the belted chastity devices made of steel. The more I think about it, the more I want there to be no way he can access any genital parts without my permission. There are so many ways for a guy to be able to cum, direct penile stimulation is just one. If his ass and balls are accessible, with a little imagination and tools, he could orgasm. Now for me, the whole purpose of being in chastity is so he CAN'T ORGASM WITHOUT MY DIRECT PERMISSION.

Chastity does go beyond that for me though. The mind fucks I could and would inflict on him are very devilish. Once I have him locked away, in a contraption where nothing, including the balls and ass can be accessed, I will taunt and tease him that if I choose he might NEVER be allowed to touch or see his cock again. Now talk about a mind fuck. I love playing with my subbys cock and I love having good ole fashioned sex with him. I won't keep him locked up forever, but the threat is still there. Oh, the games I will play!

Well here it is, the Carrara Belt made by Walter Goethals. I have done much research, and since the Mistress Lori's tube didn't work out, the next step is to go with a steel belt. I have decided to order the Carrara Concept belt, which covers the cock and balls. In addition, I am going to order the rear guard, which locks on from the outside, preventing him any anal stimulation. Then the final touch, I will also be getting the outside dildo attachment so I can force him to have intercourse with me while still being all locked away.

Add on with Dildo attachment and Rear Guard to prevent anal stimulation!!

I have had many discussions that a devoted male submissive should remain chaste because that is his Dommes wish. This is very true, and for the past 9 months, he has been obedient in that department. I am going to use Chastity as a total mind fuck with him. There is so much difference when there is force to do something. A large part of my desire is to take my husbands options away from him. I want him to know with all his heart that I "own" his cock, just as I own every other part of him. I am taking this "ownership" of a cock a little further by forcing him into inescapable chastity. Simple!

I also love tease and denial, and if I want to achieve him going months without orgasm's, with me teasing him relentlessly almost every night, physical chastity is a must. There is only so much a man can go through, regardless if he is submissive or not. This is something I want to force, and I can only force it the way I want, through this device.

I am very excited about ordering it. I have researched this particular device since November 2006. Initially, I wanted to try the less expensive brands, but now I have the justification for spending this kind of money. This belt is very expensive, but it will be well worth it. I can't wait to have him locked up, the key hanging on some part of my body, his entire groin area locked away, completely at my mercy and torture for as long as I choose. I am getting hot just thinking about it. I'll definitely keep everyone posted on my progress.


Mistress160 said...

OMG. How amazing, can't wait to see more pix after he's in.

(How much did it end up costing??!!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It certainly seems like that the new belt should provide a very stringent lockdown.

I just hope the ball cage of the Carrera belt proves to be manageable for your sub husband.

Anonymous said...

You collected a bunch of questions some while back - are you ever planning on putting out some answers?

helpmate hubby said...

Just one question. How will he go to the bathroom while he's at work or otherwise away from you?

malepet said...

That lock jutting out on the "backdoor" seems very problematic for sitting as well. I guess that cover plate is removable though, right?

Mrs. Claudia said...

Thanks for commenting everyone. I will have to see how things go with the back plate. As long as I keep him on a regular defecation schedule the back plate should not pose a problem. The lock will not be felt when he sits I am told. I am researching this belt heavily and am told the Carrara is one of the most comfortable belts available. I'll keep everyone posted on my progress.

I will be answering the questions I posed as soon as my darling has time. He has been very busy the past few months.

Hugs, C

malepet said...

I think there are many lurkers who would appreciate your updates on the chastity progress. Real life writing about the challenges of full time chastity wear is a pretty precious commodity on the internet.

And as to the rear lock - if it does prove to be a comfort problem, a simple expedient would be to secure the rear with a special or labeled ziptie. That way the security could be maintained with much less bulk, and it could also be helpful during the occasional gastrointestinal emergency.

Catwomanslair said...

Wow, that is one wicked looking device! Looking forward to your feedback on how that bad boy performs. And the chastity device too!